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[Lyric translation] 1992*4##111 (Tokubetsu)

Slowly catching up after people's long done away with the fever^^; I would say that the whole song itself is about ‘arigatou’, but the title Tokubetsu (special) tells of how special this gratitude is :-)

恥ずかしいから   君には暗号で送る事に決めたんだ そうしよう
hazukashii kara kimi ni wa angou de okuru koto ni kimetanda sou shiyou
It’s embarrassing so I’ve decided to send it to you as a secret code. Right, I’ll do that.

ヒントはそうだな   “好きだよ”とかそんなかっこいい言葉じゃない
hinto wa sou da na “suki da yo” toka sonna kakkoii kotoba ja nai
The hint, well~ let’s just say it’s not something cool like “I like you”

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Ohno n Sho

[Duet August issue] For Nino to get Sunburnt!?

The last one of this set, finally it's completed~! I do not provide scans. The thumbnail is merely for reference purposes.
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Get Sunburnt!?

It’ll be interesting if I got sunburnt.
Next month, seriously, I’ll get some tan (that’s a lie).


Ninomiya Kazunari’s daily life.

Though every working day is a little different, they usually start around noontime… I sleep as much as possible in the limited time, change quickly, get to the set, and work till 12 midnight comes, something like that. When I go home I'll be dead tired. Recently, I tire out very fast (laugh). I'm already drowsy on the car on the way home. I sleep at 1am the latest by 2am. But, since I wake up at about 10am, I guess I actually sleep quite a lot. It's not that I don't sleep that I'm sleepy, it's because I'm tired that I'm sleepy. When I think "I'm so tired~", I fall asleep the next minute, recently (laugh). My meals everyday, basiacally it's bentou. I eat whatever that's provided in the studio. I rarely go somewhere else to eat.

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Ohno n Sho

Baystorm 8th August

Transcribed by Saika-san || Translated by Denise_Dinc

「ととのいました!」 “I’ve got an idea!”

Right good evening this is Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari, today’s opening line is sent in by… umm~… Satocchi-#2-san. Umm~… “Recently in class we’re catching the flow of Satocchi… Nezucchi getting ideas for various things. Now I will introduce something which people around me think is amazing. I’ve got an idea, speaking of Arashi I think of a fiercely hot day, and in that, the naka is good (note: naka can mean two things, inside/filling, and relationship/bond; so here it’s speaking of the hot day being filled with good things, while Arashi is closely bonded). Please let STBY hear this. And then get some kinda idea yourselves” this person said. How’s that STBBY? It’s puzzling.

え、嵐と…ときまして…?Eh, Arashi… solving…?

いや、といてないです、かけるんです No, you’re not solving it, you should think of something to go with it

あぁかける、嵐とかけまして?猛暑?Ah fix some to it, speaking of Arashi? Fierce hot?

(Nino's song title is carved on wedding rings, potential naked mannequin, STBY's solo song)
Ohno n Sho

Baystorm 1st August 2010

Sorry I stirred up all the curiosity~ ;-P The advantages of reading/listening to radioshows, you know a lot of behind the scene stuff, loadsa goodies here LOL

「謎が解けた!」 “Mystery solved!”

Right good evening this is Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. Today’s opening line is by Excited-for-the-new-album-san so let’s introduce it. Eh~ “the album will be released soon” this person said. “I was quite excited when the details were announced, then I saw the title of Nino-kun’s solo and went ??? But I thought… just possibly, I solved the mystery by pressing it on my phone. How neat. I felt like so this is Ninomiya-kun after all. Since you’re writing the lyrics and composing the song this time I am really looking forward to it. By the way though I know the meaning now but how should it be read? Please tell us about the episode concerning this song” that was it.

はい。…こんばんは。Right… good evening.

こんばんは!Good evening!

はぁい。エピソード Yess. Episode.

はい。読み方どうなるんですかって Yes. So how should it be read?

お教えしましょう Let’s tell them.

お願いします Please do.

(no it's not "arigatou" after all~ ;-D)
Ohno n Sho

Oh-oku trailer brief translation/summary

It looks SO GOOD, I actually cried when I first watched it through. *useless me^^;*

Brief summary (on second thought, maybe not that brief LOL) of the trailer: pardon my mistakes

The story is based in the Tokugawa Era where there was a mysterious disease and cause a drastic decrease in the number of men, that’s when women came up to become leaders of the country. Shibasaki Kou plays the female chief general (also known as ‘Shogun’) who has 3000 beautiful men in her harem, which is a place called Oh-oku (大奥).

(basically just the whole trailer)
Ohno n Sho

Baystorm 25th July 2010

Saika-san didn’t manage to record the beginning part of this, so I transcribed the first part with the radio rip from  arashi_radio. Transcribed by: Saika-san & Denise_Dinc || Translated by: Denise_Dinc

「黒子あり!」“I have black moles!”

Right good evening this is Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. Today’s opening line is sent in by May-I-be-able-to-attend-Arashi’s-concert-san. Umm, this person said “I saw Sho-chan’s Wii CM”, ah “it was an interesting CM with someone who totally looked like Nino. Sho-chan mentioned that you have a mole on your chin and I remembered about it. I was thinking wasn’t there a small black mole on Nino’s left ear so I pulled out the DVD which came with the limited edition ONE album and felt that I saw the black mole looking at Nino’s sideview. By the way I have a black mole on my right ear at the exact same spot. STBY please confirm Nino’s black mole” this person said.

はい、確認します Yes, I will confirm it now

はい、お願いします Yes, now if you please

はい Alright

どうでしょう How is it?

うん、付いてますね Yes, there is

僕は耳あります?On my ear?

(the way Nino presses the keypad, abs training, and lots of random things about the much anticipated new album!)