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OP!sabo: the baeby
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Well come to stocking the world !

The whole world is starting to be sucked into the stocking world, huh? XD

Let me just say, those crack!subs just kill me. orz XD Thanks to pulang_tala and ryoko293 for that ! <EDIT!> Re-linking to the video ~! Rinku this is. You don't know how many times I watched this. *LOL* Ah. Dear Julia ~ Your daughter's innocence is reduced bye 5%..? *LOL*</EDIT!>

And baka_power! Thank you for announcing to the whole comm that "Letters" won ! And because of that I had interest in watching it on TV. orz

Anyhow. It will only be a few days until the comm reaches 1 year ! OMG. One year already? Maa. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was making the first layout, making the banner, pimping it on different communities without caring about cross-posting and making comics every other day or so. Maa. ♥ Our baby's getting older. ;__;

I'm happy the comm is quite lively and active, I have to talk with schizofragile and ichigo_umai about what to do for the comm's anniversary, which will be on the 31st because that's when we made the official opening post and officially opened nino_daily. lol

Maa. So nostalgic.

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OP!sabo: the baeby

zomg. Nino. D:

You know, I'm starting to get worried about this boy's back.

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It's like the letter C already. D: I think when he's around 50 years old... children who are 8 years old will be taller than him. D: That's bad Kazuchan! D:
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To the members of nino_daily!!

Do you guys think we should get another layout? Or... something that would signify our comm or.. something o-0 I feel like we're lacking mod-member bond here! D:

We need more activities. D: Any recommendations? :D

Like this?

I read something that was too memorable!~

Duet July, trans by junko_arasick...

sakurai: talking about beards, im growing one my self for the upcoming movie.
ninomiya: your beards and your sideburns seems to be connected.........
sakurai: no more cuddling between us! *sobs* i cant rub my cheek on to yours!
ninomiya: thats the biggest dissapointment for me!

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