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Nino's Magic


I want to asking about Nino's Magic
I've been wondering, does anyone know about when Nino starting perform his magic skill until now?
and what on Variety Show that he shows his magic skill?
thanks for helping!
I hope I can get all completely Nino magic skill performances, cause I want to download it all (^_^)/

(no subject)

hello my fellow nino lovers! i wanted to wish you all a happy new year!
i have a favor to ask you all...
i saw this picture on theproudpenguin's picspam.. and i was speechless.
i had asked her if there were a HQ of the picture.. but she wasnt sure.
so here im asking all of you... I was hoping someone could help me find a HQ pic of this.
thank you!


Marathon-nino sp

 hai minna..

ano.. there's someone have dorama titled "Marathon" (starring nino) with sub?? I did have the dorama but without sub so I can't understand the story. if anyone has it,please, upload it or tell me where I can download the files. thank you for your helping. arigatou~.
Lesser Panda

Ao no Honoo plz?

I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured a very Nino community would be good. =P

Anywho, I used to have Ao no Honoo on my laptop, but after I reformatted it I lost it. X_X
I can't find the site I got it from to save my life, so I was hoping one of you might have it and would be willing to upload it.
I miss my almost weekly doses of crazy psycho murderer Nino. =P

Thank you in advance. XD