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[楽園・二宮和也] lyrics and trans + song

for those who don't know - I myself had no idea before translating [fight-song] - this is the original composition that served as a base for the much more popular [fight-song]. both are written by nino, but as you know the other one is sang by all the boys, while this version is more like a solo. a 100% nino song, very sweet and endearing, though - since this is early production - the lyrics are a bit naïve. still you can also detect his mischievous side in some parts (like when he says "if you don't mind your mother getting angry we'll be back by sunrise" and so XD). the title , "rakuen" means "paradise".

enjoy the song! (dd of the song under cut too)



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hi! this is my first post in this community. I only found it recently and thought I'd join the "nino-mania" being a nino fan myself. I wanted to start posting a translation of [虹] since I've seen that in the lyrics tag only the kanji lyrics were posted. if it has been already posted by someone else under a different tag I could take this down, but generaly transaltions are a very personal thing and they may vary depending on the person.
anyway, I hope you like them!


if you want a particular arashi song translated I'm open to new requests. I normally pick up the ones I'm listening more to at a particular moment, but lately one of my friends has been requesting and I find it much more fun like that. you can see other lyric translations in my LJ nanachan707 :)
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Nino in Izaa Now!!!

Er-- I thought I should start posting pictures so... Here are some! XD

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Yeh. I love the Izaa Now Concert. xD LOL XD Oh. and here's another thing:

Ninomiya Kazunari's Shougai Nanga Atte Mo Ai Suru Hito E[生涯何があっても愛する人へ]

It's a good song. 8D So minna, go on ahead and post post post!!! XDD Hurry while the Rules haven't been posted yet!!! XD LOL

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I've had those lyrics lying around for sometime now. I only remembered I had them when I saw kawaiino_'s comment. XD; Well, here it is. Credits to the site where I got this thing XD;