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ARASHI: Together/Forever/Scene

Nino Birthday Bash!

Nino Birthday Movie Get Together.

Hey Ninomimaniac's! As we all know it's Nino's birthday next Friday! *celebrates*

Well, some of us in the Arashi Dazzle Comm are trying to organize a Birthday Get Together where we all synchronize our time zones and watch a Nino movie/drama together! Probably Ooku or Yamada Taro.

If you're interested you can come join us!

There's a post HERE giving a few details of the event. If you want to join let me know what timezone you live in so I can organize a proper schedule.

Hope to see you there <3

Nino with hood

i really love the photo of Nino when he's wearing hood!(i love the other member too XD But in my opinion only Nino and Sho are cute with hood)

i wonder if it is not only for me XD or there are other people who like expecially this type of photo XD
If not how do you prefer Nino?

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Hope to hear what do you think^O^

If you have more photo i'll add its here=3
open 4 bsnz

Jason Gray's view on Ninomiya Kazunari

Nino reminds us not to stan too hard

It was more than a month ago I posted a CNNgo article by Jason Gray at aramatheydidnt.
Mr. Gray actually noticed the little buzz it created which was probably caused by including Nino in the fray. I should've posted this at arama but it didn't occur to me to check his blog until today. It's old news now and old news are not allowed in arama. Hopefully my fellow ninomania would enjoy this bit of indifferent view on Nino acting skill with some interesting insights into how the acting industry in Japan really works (i.e: open auditions is almost unheard of, the jimusho is the one who controls the casting process..)

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Nino is taking a risk with Ohoku and hopefully he'll succeed.
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hmm... (old nino scandal)

hi, nino-fans! ^_^ i'm a semi-new fanatic of arashi and ninomiya-kun. i started loving arashi this july in tokyo and so i am constantly learning new things about the members daily (and i mean that quite literally... i watch old and youtube videos of arashi tv shows/movies/drama/etc).

as a fellow devoted fan, i'd like to talk to you guys about nino's old "scandal" where a newspaper said that nino and nagasawa masami were dating for 2 years and were living together. i don't know how long ago this article was, and i was wondering if they are still together.

now, i have only been an arashi fan for almost half a year, but i am an EXTREMELY dedicated fan and i absolutely love and respect every member. my rational side is very happy that nino had/has a girlfriend, and a nice-looking one who is very dedicated to him (2 years!) and that nino is such an incredibly talented and amazing person that he deserves to have such a wonderful girlfriend. however, my irrational/fangirl side is disappointed, not because i want nino for myself (i'm not that kind of fan XP), but because i am such a HUGEEEE ohmiya shipper. and they can say that all of what they do on tv shows, concerts, etc. are fanservice, but i think they really have something amazing together (whether it's the most wonderful, nonsexual guy & guy friendship EVER, or.. you know ^_~). that's undeniable. and so ever since i read about nino and masami-san a couple of days ago, i've been foolishly and irrationally depressed. hahahaha ^_^'. and i normally listen to arashi (and especially nino's solos) to cheer me up and make me happy, but for obvious reasons, i cannot do that right now. i just want to talk about this to someone who understands how it feels to be such a dedicated fan like this.

what should i do/how should i think about this? i just want some different perspectives on this situation and how i should deal with it so i can stop being sad about something i cannot control and i LOVE nino to death (but i LOVE LOVE LOVE ohmiya because they're so ADORABLE together).

thanks so much <3 i hope this didn't upset anybody else or anything like that! i just really would love to talk to fellow nino-fans about this.
give into the black

The wonders of hair.

It's occured to me, for awhile now, that surely I can't be the only one who thinks Nino's current hairstyle is not so great. I personally think his latest style looks like someone glued a mop to his head, buuuut it's his hair and he can do what he wants with it. 

HOWEVER, since he's done a great number of things with his hair over time, I'm curious to know if anyone else has a favorite Nino hairstyle. Short, long, colored, non-colored? What haircut do you guys think Nino looks great in? Pics, icon examples, anything of that nature would be awesome!

Three pictures under the cut, and as a sidenote, I found all of these on google; if someone scanned them and would like credit for it, please let me know! ._.

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Heyo guys!

So have everyone heard rumors about Gokusen 3 and who's gonna be the deliquents and what not...
But omg I was thinking that I want to see NINO acting as a boy gone bad .. just imagine!

Furthermore, I wish Nino and Maki Hirokita would be in a drama together! they would be cute.. well i don't knoe but.. both are very good actors... haha

What do you think?  Which actress would you like Nino to act with in a new drama?


I miss him...

Sorrie just wanted to make conversation about nino... :)