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Hello, dear nino_daily members! Sorry again for not being able to give you your dose of Nino this past week cause I've been busy with religion traditions and KINGDOM HEARTS 2<3333 Yeah. I totally love that game. Finished in 6 days, YAY! Anyways, enough 'bout my life. Time for the Nino dosage!

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Basically, that was just me asking... "Do you like NinoXArashi member pairings? Which do you like best?" Yeah. o-o Come on, it's all for play. Not like one of them is really going out with another member. o_O That'd be just weird. LOL

Err... Personally, I love Ohmiya SK pairing. XD 'Cause their Backwards segment really just owned me. XD But I still love AibaXSho better. Hm... I forgot why, but I really just love those two. lol Remember, we're only talking about NinoXArashi member pairings here! XD Of course I won't prohibit you from talking about other pairings in the comment lol
OP!sabo: the baeby
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YAY!!! XDD FINALLY!! We now have our own layout!!! ^___^ I'm so happy it worked. ;__; Anyways, now, we can go on and post all the Nino we want!! XD Go on and post people! XD Rules will be added later into the info page. And, yeah. xD Go and post. XD Everyone knows how a daily should be like, ne? ^^ Each post must have a picture of Nino! Post as much as possible! XD Yosh. Here's my picture:

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If you didn't know, Nino's the only one who didnt have a daily. xD LOL There's arashi_daily, aiba_daily, jun_daily, ohno_daily and sakurai_daily but there wasn't nino_daily so now there is!! XDDD We do love you Nino! XD

Anyways, I gotta stop babbling and go and advertise! XD

Sorry the layout's too plain XD;