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MagoMago Arashi 05-27-2006!

Kyaa~!! This is such a kawaii episode. ♥ XD I think it's available in JPopsuki now. I'm trying to upload it for non JPopsuki/bittorrent users. Hopefully, if my Inet doesnt hang while I'm asleep, when I wake up, I'll be able to give you people a nice, fresh link for this MagoMago Episode.

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Erm. Uh. More screencaps later. cause I took a lot and doesnt fit in my PB I need to sleep now. Sore jaaaaaa~! ♥ YAY. All my screencaps are up now.

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OP!sabo: the baeby
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I was wondering today~ My 100 member post became a bday post XD;;;;; Wenk~ LOL XD But thanks to all those who greeted me ^___^ Much love to you!!! XD I didn't really ask you to greet me, but you still, so I'm touched. LOL

Anyways, Nino pics~

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XDDDDD No more text on pics right? XD Just more dialogues LOL XD