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The beginning of a new year

First of all,

Happy New Year!

I'm not sure if it's already 2011 in where you live, but if it is...I hope it was a great start for you.

The thing I wanted to post about is, if you notice...you can usually see group-focus posts here. To me, Nino is part of Arashi and so I was okay with it.

But as time passed by, I've been seeing more and more which made me realised, this is Nino Daily, so shouldn't the posts be slightly more Nino-focus?

Please don't take it the wrong way, I thought that group-focus posts should go to group communities such as arashi on. Meaning, from today onwards...group-focus posts will not be allowed here.

If you're not sure whether your post is group-focus, feel free to ask me.

- - - - - -★

Back to Nino.

From what I know, Ohoku was also shown (or has it not?) in Taiwan. Does anyone know if the movie will be shown in other countries as well?

The reason I'm asking is because, the last time for Letters from Iwo Jima...I did a post indicating the dates for the different countries. So I'm hoping that I could do the same for Gantz (and well for Ohoku too, if there is an international release for it).

As Jan approaches, we should be getting quite a bit of Nino for Gantz promotion ^^

Just a notice~

Just a few more hours, it will be Nino's birthday!

So just want to say, when you're posting something you did for Nino's birthday (whether it's fanart, graphics/icons, translations, scans etc), besides using the appropriate tags.... remember to include the tag 'other: birthday gift'.

Here it goes...

Another mod post (which is usually me babbling ^^;)

Firstly, I will like to apologize for the lack of activeness here. I was away for around 2 weeks, so I didn't had an easy access to internet. Sumimasen deshita m(_ _)m

So I wish, or I hope to be more active. Hmm...I usually spam the Arashi communities, with streaming clips, so I'm not sure if you guys like such posts too (but maybe more Nino bias?) Because I like seeing interactions between fellow fans :) And for communities, there's still a limit to how random, a post can be ^^;

Collapse )

I know I sound long-winded/naggy whenever I mention this, but tags. I appreciate it, if before posting...to look for the appropriate tag (at the sidebar), for your post. I'm not sure if I'm seeing things, but there seems to be similar tags. And I think I will start to group some of them, so that the tag list won't get too long.

New layout~ It's about time, isn't it? It's simple, but I hope you guys like it.

And from the last time I checked, there's now around 2400+ members. Yay~ So I guess Nino still has his charm points, maybe? XD


"We interrupt this program..."

And yes, I can't come up with a better title at the moment ^^;

You might have know about this about now, as it is posted by mods from various Arashi-related communities. Sockpuppets posting about Arashi-related merchandise such as CDs, DVDs etc, with links that look innoccent, but actually they are webgains.

Meaning if you click on it, the person who posted that link, gains money. If you are a true fan, you wouldn't be posting all over the place and gaining money from other fellow fans.

So please do not click onto these webgain links. You can hover your mouse over the link, and if words like tinyurl, webgain appear....do not click.

With that, posts to nino_daily will be moderated for now.

At the moment, I'm the only active mod and I can't be online 24/7...so please be patient (regarding approval of posts).

I have banned the sockpuppets that have been stated (so far), from this community. If you know more or if I miss out on any webgain entry that should be deleted, please let me know.

New layout + babbling

And I wanted to be creative with the title of this post....(- -;)

Yes. New layout. The previous one was up around end of Oct, last year. Almost 6 months or so? So about time. Besides, it's the month of Ninomiya and so a new layout is necessary.

Though it's very simple (credits in profile), I guess it's something refreshing...no? Not birthday-ish, because I want the layout to be up for more than a month ^^ And ads just don't go well with the layout.

Nino's birthday is coming up (17 June), well...I usually don't do anything special (though last year's was exception).

And checked....currently we have 2060 members (watched by 1784 though XD).

Thank you for being part of the community ^^



I have not made a mod post for a long time ^^

Firstly, I have changed the layout. I probably should have asked fellow mods, whether it's okay to change. But they seem busy and call me weird, but I feel guilty, if I don't change the layout :P Sumimasen deshita m(_ _)m

Anyway, it's a simple layout. So I hope you guys like it, because I know it's not much.

Secondly. Tags. For me personally, I don't use tags. So I can understand if you forgotten to tag your entries. But don't do it too often ne. If you really don't know which tag to use, just tag it as !empty will do. If you keep forgetting for some reason, I might have to ban you from posting (EH?) I hope I wouldn't need to, because that's kind of extreme.

Thirdly. Nino has a monthly quiz on Bay Storm. Well, if you don't live in Japan, you won't be able to participate. Therefore, I created a post on my LJ. I wanted to know what the international fans think.

So I'm posting it here, inviting the members of ND to participate. Comments are screened.

Hmmm...I think that's all I want to say now (yes I'm random).

A gentle reminder

Hi hi~

Haven't post for awhile, but would like to remind everyone, to please use tags. And please look carefully if there are already appropriate tags available, before making new tags.

And if you're really not sure what tag to use, there is a tag called '!empty'.

To everyone who are already tagging their entries, thank you.

If you continue not to tag your entry for 3 times, hmmm...I guess I have to ask fellow mods about that first :P

I don't have the habit of tagging too, so let's do our best together? Haha ^^

On a side note, if you're curious how the Step and Go PV looks like (just mini caps), please drop by my LJ. I believe the news clip will be up (or maybe it's already up somewhere) for sharing.
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[mod post] New Layout

Hello, dear members of nino_daily! It has been so long, hasn't it? In this post I shall discuss a few things, including that of our new layout ♥ and about tags.

Firstly, our community has a new layout! YAY. <3 With this new layout, we shall impliment a new rule:

"Pictures with more than 350 pixels in width MUST be put behind an LJ-cut."

The reason why this rule shall be implemented is so that we could:
1) avoid incredibly huge blinding, hot pictures of Nino in our f-list. (Suspense! Oh, yay. ♥)
2) view the new layout better. :D Huge pictures stretch the entry box out of its borders, so it looks... not as nice as it should when we place huge pictures on it. ;A;

So please, ne. From now on let us put images with more than 350 pixels in width under cuts. :3 Shall one violate this rule, we shall give you cookies which taste like Nino-lessnessness. *GASP*

Secondly, our community has organized tags. YAY. Well, actually, the mods haven't tagged ALL entries accordingly yet. TT___TT;; But soon! Soon... XD;;; We will conquer. ^^;;

Well, uhm. It would be nice if you guys start using the tags accordingly. It has a format of ___!___:___. 8D; I hope you guys can follow the pattern of the tags. ^___^;; If you get confused with tagging an entry you will post to the community, then please put the tag "!tag help". This will imply to us mods that we must help you in your tagging that specific entry you posted. XD

Lastly, although I didn't mention this earlier, I just want to spaz about it. We have 901 members!!!! ♥ Cool, huh? Just 99 more til 1000. It makes me so happy. ;___; We're about to reach our comm's second year ne. Kyaa. <3

Anyways, enough of my spazzing. Remember guys: 350+ pixels in width are put under cuts and use tags accordingly. I will post further explanation about the tags another day. ^^;

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Holidays. ♥