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Nino Daily: We're all NinomiManias.

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Appreciate Nino everyday.
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To spread love for Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. <3
Welcome to nino_daily, the LJ community dedicated to Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi. He was born on June 17, 1983 in Tokyo, currently 33 years old. Because of his child-like appearance, people tend to think he's only 5 years old, or a 17 years old, most commonly (at least I think so), an 11 years old.

You may have seen him in in dramas such as Stand UP! and Haikei, Chichiuesama; and in movies such as Ao no Honou and the Hollywood film directed by Clint Eastwood: Letters from Iwo Jima.

In this community, you will find (and may share) various information about Ninomiya Kazunari. So if you were baited by his child-like innocence and amazing talent on acting, singing, composing songs and pranking, come on and join the community. :D ♥
1. All posts MUST be related to Nino and Nino-focus (it is not strictly just Nino). As of starting from Jan 2011, group-focus posts are not allowed. (Please do not take it the wrong way, but the reason this was started, it has been brought to my attention that more and more posts about the 5 of them were posted here. Since this is nino daily, I thought we should not get distracted (I love all 5 of them too) and keep our focus on eh...Nino).
2. Three pictures must be put under an LJ-cut. ( more info here )
Short Tutorial:
<lj-cut text="whatever you want to have as text here"> whatever you want behind the cut </lj-cut>

It will appear as:
( whatever you want to have as text here )

When you click on 'whatever you want to have as text here', this will appear:
whatever you want behind the cut. ♥

3. Please post as frequent as possible about Ninomiya Kazunari, though we hope that your posts would contain some significance. Not just some "Homg. Nino's so cool. Nino's so cool. Nino's so cool." and nothing else. ^^;
4. If you like a NinoXwhoever pairing, you may post about it here. Every member must keep an open mind, after all. Let's all spread peace and Nino love in the world. ♥
5. No 'I hate' stuff here, please. :D Spread love, Nino love.
6. About the use of your own language, you may use your mother language when you post things here, but please do provide an english translation after for other people to understand. :D
7. Please respect each other. No bitching around, 'kay? :D ♥
8. Spamming via comments are tolerated. (Because I am a spammer myself. *lol*) As long as they do not go too far as to just saying "XD" and "LOL". :D;
9. When sharing any kind of file, it is up to you to make the post members-only or not.
10. Promotion posts for other comms or websites are also tolerated. :D As long as it is Ninomiya Kazunari, Arashi or JE-related. :D
· coming soon ·
Have you encountered any problems? You can contact the three mods: ichigo_umai, chesuto or schizofragile.

ichigo_umai &Ichan;
Email: lost_ninomiya_fan@hotmail.com
chesuto &Lea;
Email: lea26karla@gmail.com
schizofragile &Tricia;
Email: schizofragile@hotmail.com

Please feel free to email us as long as you do not spam our inboxes. ♥
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