Nino in Platina Data~

Nino will be in a movie called Platina Data (release in 2013), based on the mystery novel by Higashino Keigo-san (the same author who wrote Ryuusei no Kizuna).

Basically, the story is about Nino's character (Kagura Ryuuhei, a genius scientist who takes part in DNA investigation) is suspected of murder and he becomes a fugitive/runaway, while a detective (played by Toyokawa Etsushi-san) pursues him.

It is said Nino starts filming in Feb.

There is an official website but nothing much at the moment.

In other news, there will be a DVD/Blu-ray release for Furiitaa, Ie wo Kau SP on 4 April 2012. It is said there will be a making (around 45 mins) and booklet (subject to changes).

  • senna23

nino Pocky CM gifs!

hello everyone!!!
My first time posting here; I just can't resist not sharing some nino GIFs with his new CM @ POCKY XD

My faves all rolled into one -- HAPPINESS!!! <33

I think this has to be my fave dance move in this CM XDDD why so cute?

I almost fainted seeing this at the end... o(=^-^=)o

To get a full complete dose of this hilarious and adorable nino,WATCH THE Pocky CMs at the main site!

Lastly, you can check some of the GIFs I made (from the Pocky CM, of course): HERE
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Nino wallies!

Hello minna-san!

I've made some wallpapers and I want share to you. If you want you can take it but remember I'll be grateful if you leave a comment ^_______ ^ I hope you like it!

[8] Nino
[4] Arashi
[2] Matsumiya
[1] Ohno
[1] Ohno, Nino and Jun

You can take it Here!