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Nino will be in Berlin & Paris this February

Its an article about the boys promoting Kiroi Namida. Right at the end is the extra good news for Nino freaks fans.



Yes European Arashi fans, breakup with your bfs cancel all your plans for Valentines Day because Nino coming over to Paris on the 14th! He will attend the premiere of Letters From Iwo Jima on Valentines Day in Paris
Valentines Day + Paris + Ninomiya Kazunari = <3<3<3<3<3 (i feel the need to emphasize it again :p gomen..)
Nino will also make an appearence for Letters screening at Berlin International film Festival on 11 February.

Have fun "stalking the world" ^^v

Thanks to greenbreezes@vox &

graphicfighter for pointing out the article

Minna who's going to welcome him to Berlin & Paris, GANBATTE! p^_^q


ADDED: What do you guys think he will do in between the 11th - 14th? Will he hangout in Europe for more Letters promo or will he fly back to Tokyo then come back again for Valantines in Paris? 
If he do stay in Europe until his premiere in Paris, that'll be roughly 5 days ne~ Will the other boys come along? Maybe they will record some Shukudai footage, pv, photobook shots, raburabu under the Eifel Tower.... **lost in my wishful thinking**

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